Swarm Removal

A swarm is a colony of bees that has recently left its existing hive and is clustered together while seeking a new home. If they have only just arrived, swarms are quick and relatively straightforward to remove.

In most instances, we can offer free swarm removal.

Once bee swarms have established themselves in their new home and built comb, there is a substantial amount of work required to relocate the bees. Cost will vary depending on accessibility to the hive, the size of the hive and how long it has been there for.

Ever considered having beehives in your own backyard, but not sure if you’re ready or able to commit to establishing and managing them yourself?
You may be interested in our Hive Hosting program.

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Our Swarm Prevention program is an initiative to help prevent bee swarms becoming a problem for the community. We aim to place empty hives in certain areas to catch swarms, before they inhabit places where they are unwelcome.


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