Marri Honey: Redgum

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We are proud to present you with honey from our hives in West Pinjarra and Stakehill.
A lot of work has gone into getting these hives up and running this season, and they have finally produced a harvestable crop!
This is mono-floral honey which has been primarily sourced from the Marri trees in the area.
Marri honey is known for its high levels of 'activity' and microbial properties thus it is highly sought after for its beneficial values.
Goodness aside, Marri honey tastes great and is a very popular honey that can be used for a variety of uses be it cooking, as a spread on other food, a sweetener in drinks or just eaten on its own.
As always, Perth Honey Company does not heat treat or process our honey.
All honey is sold in the purest and rawest state possible in order to ensure that you can enjoy it as much as the bees do!
We have taken on feedback from customers and now offer our honey in the following packages.
500gm glass jar
500gm plastic squeezy bottle
1kg plastic tub
2.8kg plastic tub

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