Just when you least expect it!


As beekeepers, sometimes we have to move our hives significant distances in order to keep the bees on nectar flows. We have to do this at night while the bees are tucked away in their hives, and the temperatures are lower.

After a big night loading hives, driving the 600km round trip, then unloading our hives before sunrise we were just dropping our hired help at home, when we noticed a swarm overhanging a footpath around the corner from their house.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any bee boxes with us, so we had to improvise… Lucky for us our helper is an avid Youfoodz consumer so we commandeered one of their delivery boxes to capture the swarm of bees!

Once the swarm was all tucked away in the Youfoodz box, we took them away and, after realising they wouldn’t fit in a 5 frame nuc box, we transferred them to an 8 frame bee box.

They are settling into their new home amongst the jarrah nicely, and we look forward to seeing how they progress over the Summer…

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