How much does honey weigh?

Okay, so the simple answer to that question is to suggest that you just weigh it, on a set of scales. Easy right?!

Well, there are certain situations where someone may need to calculate how much a particular volume of honey weighs, and cannot just weigh the honey itself. An example of this may be for cooking with honey, where a recipe may call for say ‘2 tablespoons’ of honey, and you’d like to work out how much this weighs quick and easily.

Another situation may be that you are a beekeeper and are looking to package some of your honey. You may know that you have 20kg of honey and want to sell it in 1kg packages, but aren’t sure what size container you require for this particular weight.

In order to do this and resolve the above situations, it helps to know how much honey weighs compared to water.

While it varies slightly due to the differing compositions of various kinds of honey, typically honey will weigh 1.42 times the equivalent volume of water.

To explain this, we’ll use the following example:

If you took a 1 litre container and filled it with water, the nett weight of the water would be 1 kilogram.

If you were to take that same 1 litre container and fill it with honey, it would weigh 1.42 kilograms.

Armed with this knowledge we can tackle our honey/volume problems using the following formulas
 To calculate the volume of honey based upon its weight, you take the weight of the honey and divide it by 1.42.

Example; you have 3kg of honey and would like to know how big the container needs to be.

3000/1.42 = 2112.7

Therefore 3kg of honey divided by 1.42 would equal roughly 2110ml

Likewise, to calculate the weight of honey based on its volume, you multiply the volume of a container by a factor of 1.42

Example; you have a 250ml cup of honey and want to know how much this weighs.

250*1.42 = 355

Therefore 250ml of honey equates to a weight of 355g

So long as you stay mindful of the relationship between grams/kilograms and millilitres/litres, then the maths above work out to be fairly straightforward.

That said though, in the interest of ease, below are two calculators that make it simple for you to calculate what we have explained above.

We hope that this article has been helpful. If you feel this may help others, then feel free to share it.


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